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I think his heart broke when i told the truth about us.

I don't think he was happy hearing what happens between me and her. He believed her that she was never in a relationship. When i send him the video when she is saying what he didn't want to hear, he was shocked, he told me to send the rest of it. I didn't because that was too personal. Sorry, but reality is he came very late. I hope he will understand. I wish i could send him the truth, but he blocked me 😂
Use lagta hai ki vo sab jan lega, maine bhi use whi btaya jo vo janna chahta tha, muje pta hai ki vo uspe line marne ki kosish karne wala tha, lekin bichare ka dil toot gya jab use sach ka pta chala. Use lagta tha ki uska koi bf nhi tha kabhi, or vo bolti bhi sabko yhi thi, ki I am just a friend. Muje to is londe ki ek bhi baat pe yakeen nhi. lekin use jalta dekhke bhoot maza aya.

04/04/2018, 13:31 - Me: Hi ***, its me ME. I am sorry for everything. You know how does it felt when your loved one don't talk to you, you know it very well. She told me not to talk to yo…