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I do mistakes, I say sorry, I regret why I done that mistake

[04/04, 13:30] Me: Hi, its me. I am sorry for everything. You know how does it felt when your loved one don't talk to you, you know it very well. She told me not to talk to you, but still I contacted you on whatsapp. She told me not to talk to you on 2nd, so i didn't replied.
[04/04, 13:31] Me: Please don't tell her that i again contacted you.
[04/04, 13:31] Me: Please
[04/04, 13:32] Me: I was too worried about loosing her. When deepak came, she starts ignoring me, and now this job and her new friends.
[04/04, 13:34] Me: And about my birthday. I live in hostel, and i dont like to talk to anyone. Because she is my happiness, and when she is not happy to me, i am not happy towards the world.
[04/04, 13:37] Me: She called me that afternoon, yelled at me, i went to my room, slept for 4 hr, had my dinner, and listening to the phone recording again and again, because i love her voice. I will not say that my birthday went bad, its not that bad because she talked to me that day. …